Kuba Bryl, MS, LAc, LMT

Kuba Bryl, MS, LAc, LMT

Kuba Bryl, MS, LAc, LMT – New York State-licensed Acupuncturist & Massage TherapistKuba Bryl is a New York State-licensed acupuncturist and New York State-licensed massage therapist. Over the years, he has completed a large number of continuing education classes in the fields of manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, biological medicine, quantum medicine and nutrition.

He chose this profession to learn more about the potential of the human body to self-heal. His philosophy is to treat the whole person, including the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. He uses different tools as information carriers to communicate with the brain and ultimately find ways to optimize its ability to process this information with ease and improve its performance, which translates to higher levels of wellness and happiness for patients.

Kuba enjoys integrating all the various techniques and modalities he has learned over the years and watching his patients overcome their ailments. Some of his favorite tools are hands-on reflex techniques, therapeutic use of red and infrared lights, low-level laser light therapy, brain area-specific exercise programs, frequency-specific microcurrent, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy devices, sound, vibration, chronotherapy and photobiomodulation.

Kuba hopes to give his patients innovative individualized treatments that resolve their complaints quickly and provide tools for maintaining their health. What makes his practice different is a bottomless toolbox of techniques, procedures and therapeutic tools and the ability to effortlessly utilize them into creative and effective procedures.

His personal interests are focused on expanding human consciousness and the effects of emotions on health.

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Dr. Ostrow is a competent, kind and caring doctor. He treats each patient with dignity and respect. He patiently listens to whatever medical problem I am having and deals with it. I highly recommend Dr. Ostrow.His staff is not only efficient but courteous.


Gary L. Ostrow / Physician's Health & Wellness

I've been going to Dr. Gleyzer for years and can't live without him. Wonderful office -- wonderful staff! Highly recommend to anyone !


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