VAT Test/ENG Test

VAT Test/ENG Test

70 million Americans over the age of 40 have some form of inner-ear dysfunction that causes dizziness. Inner-ear problems can make you up to three times more likely to suffer a potentially fatal fall. Preventative measures can be taken to guard against falling, but before implementing those measures and determining the ones that best suit you, we need to conduct an analysis of vestibular dysfunction.

Vestibular Autorotation Testing (VAT)—A VAT test measures your vestibular ocular (VOR) reflex function, which is responsible for maintaining eye-head coordination while you’re focusing on a specific visual image while in motion. Properly functioning VOR helps you perceive speed and adjust your body movement. If your VOR function is impaired, you could experience dizziness, disequilibrium, or vertigo.

Electronystagmogram (ENG)—An ENG test measures both normal eye movement and involuntary rapid eye movement, and assesses corresponding eye muscles. Additionally, ENG measures how your eyes, inner ear, and brain work together to help you maintain balance. Impairment in any of these areas can create problems such as chronic dizziness and vertigo. To perform this test, our staff will place electrodes near your eyes, and then have you move your head to follow a moving object.

Both tests—VAT test and ENG test—are performed in our office. When used together, they help us pinpoint the cause of your imbalance, whether it’s your eyes or inner ear, and create a treatment plan to get you stabilized and out of discomfort.

Learn more about our VAT test and ENG test capabilities at Physicians Health & Wellness. Call 212.838.8265 or use our Request an Appointment form. We welcome patients from New York, Manhattan, Midtown, Queens, the Bronx and close-by communities.

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Dr. Ostrow is a competent, kind and caring doctor. He treats each patient with dignity and respect. He patiently listens to whatever medical problem I am having and deals with it. I highly recommend Dr. Ostrow.His staff is not only efficient but courteous.


Gary L. Ostrow / Physician's Health & Wellness

I've been going to Dr. Gleyzer for years and can't live without him. Wonderful office -- wonderful staff! Highly recommend to anyone !


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